rainbow stone river imageStone River Zen Sangha is an independent Zen practice community, with a focus on awakening to this Great Heart/Mind that is the root of all, and its manifest activity as every moment of our lives. We are a small group of practitioners who meet each week in a members home, to sit zazen together, to study together, and to practice together.

We offer instruction in sussokan (breath meditation), zazen, koan study and shikantaza. Meetings are held on Sundays from 9:00am to 11:00am. The morning begins with a short service followed by two or three periods of zazen. On the third Sunday of the month, following the second zazen period, there is a discussion/class. When there is no class we sit an extra period of zazen. One-on-One meditation interviews are scheduled on the second Sunday of each month. We conduct frequent zazenkai’s (all day zazen) which are an opportunity to deepen our practice. Please check the zazenkai page for dates. The regular Sunday morning program is cancelled on the day of the zazenkai.

New visitors are always welcome and we extend an invitation to everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, soci-economic position, who want to share in this practice. We encourage participants to attend regularly as it helps to build supportive practice friendships.

If it is your very first time coming to a Zen group and you are unfamiliar with Zen meditation/zazen please let us know so that you can have an introduction to zazen. These introductions are held, with advance notice, during the first zazen period on Sunday. Participants then join in with the group for the reminder of the program. Please contact us to arrange instruction. Donations are welcome for the Sunday program.