Sacramento Zen Sangha


In Buddhism our first refuge is in the Buddha treasure. The aspiration of the Sacramento Zen Sangha is to provide a training matrix so that the necessary causes and conditions conducive for awakening to this Buddha treasure, this true self that is no-self, are available for all who aspire.

Mission Statement


The second refuge is the Dharma treasure. The teachings that are our entranceway into awakening. We wish to continue and maintain the transmission of the teachings of Zen Buddhism to the West. While keeping our roots within our historical practice lineage and tradition we also seek ways in which to allow for an authentic western expression of this dharma.



The Sangha refuge is the third of the three treasures in Buddhism. Truly we never practice alone. No one is excluded from this treasure. With this understanding we welcome all individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, soci-economic position, who want to share in this practice.