A Life of Giving

If you have spent any time in a Zen center it would be surprising if you hadn’t come across a famous fascicle by Dogen Zenji called Genjo-koan. Reading the whole piece is like encountering one koan after another, line by line, all of which illuminate the nature of self and reality. There is so much […]

One Doing

  The instruction “Ichi Tantei” (One Doing) was a frequent teaching from my first Zen teacher in Japan. As I bumped into him on the monastery grounds as he did his rounds or meeting him as I waited for my turn in the weekly bath, he would lean over and say quietly in my ear, […]

Turtles all the Way Down

There is a lovely story that floats around many Zen communities which humorously points out our never-ending human efforts to contain or pin down the unknowable nature of this life that we are. An elderly woman attends a meeting of esteemed philosophers concerned with the nature of the universe and tells them that the world […]