Monthly Retreats

Nine or ten times a year, on the 4th Saturday of the month, we come together to spend the day in meditation and inquiry. The day begins with the first meditation period at 8:30am and we close at 3:30pm.

During this day we help each other in our practice by maintaining silence so that each one of us can uninterruptedly give ourself to our practice of meditation and inquiry. There are usually four 30 minute periods of meditation in the morning block followed by lunch. Between each 30 minute period of meditation there is 10 minutes of walking meditation. After lunch there are four more periods of meditation and the day ends at 3:30pm. Meditation interviews are offered during both the morning and afternoon periods.

To help us cover the cost for the day’s rental there is a fee of $30. We ask each participant to bring a packed lunch. Tea, herb teas, and coffee are freely available during the day.